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Worrywart Dinky

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Wondering what a Worrywart is? Think of them as tiny creatures made to relieve stress, like pebbles picked up on the beach.

Crafted by Glasgow-based artist Zoe Scott, these Worrywarts draw inspiration from Guatemalan worry dolls, each possessing a distinctive strength. 

Dinky's strength? Fearless!

Dinky's skill? Dream Guardian!

Cast in solid concrete and hand-polished eco wax, the worrywarts are ultra tactile and fit perfectly into the palm of your hand like a special pebble from the beach. They are designed to be held, displayed and snuggled into pockets. 


Height: 3cm (approximately)

Weight: 45g

The Worrywarts come in a variety of different colours (seaglass, peat, and bracken). The colour you receive will be a surprise!